Welsh Media Productions will do a complete project based on your description or you can manage the project and we will supply support when needed.

All pricing is done based on the specific requirements of each project. For rough budgeting purposes you can use $1375/day or $775/half day for one person.

We specialize in small crews and equipment for highly mobile and efficient shooting but Welsh Media Productions can provide coverage for the most complex shooting situations.

With our very powerful Adobe Premiere Pro editing system with After Effects, Adobe Audition, and Photoshop CS, we can perform the most demanding post-production tasks.

Performance Records

We can do a high quality two camera record of your performance at a very low cost. With a front row location we will do a stereo audio record on a camera locked down on a wide shot and follow the action on a second camera. Add $250 for a second camera operator which allows a second camera location. We will then edit the two recordings together and master a DVD for the following all inclusive price.

Under one hour = $1200

Under two hours = $1500

Under three hours = $1800

Additional DVD-R disk copies are $10

Please call for quotes on more complex records.


Travel time is included when calculating half day and day rates in Broward County, Florida. The half day rate is used when there is travel but no shooting. For long distance travel, only the day rate is used when there is shooting. The day rate covers up to 10 hours door to door between lodging. There is an additional charge of $125/hr after 10 hours.

Contact us for a quote.

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