We've put together some guideline prices and fees for our photography services to give you an indication of our rates.

The exact figures depend on many factors, such as how many images you want and how you want to use them.

We always give clients a full breakdown of our rates and costs in our quotations and will clearly explain all the available options that might best fit your requirements.

These prices are valid as of June 2007.
-- All photography prices are for guidance only.

Commission Rates

Excl. tax

Single or specific use of images


Day rates


Half-day rate


Extended use


Day rates


Half-day rate


We are always happy to quote an "All-inclusive price" which includes all charges for us to take, process, and supply images for specific usage. The details on this page are for your guidance, since we don't like hidden costs ourselves, and don't see why you should either.

Please call for quotes on more complex records.

Note: Minimum half day for photography services outside of Broward County Florida.

We also have a guide to our standard terms and conditions for commercial photography services - please just ask if you are unsure of anything, we are happy to help clarify matters in plain English!

Our aim is to provide a service that fits your needs. We supply digital images for commercial organizations throughout the United States and pride ourselves on not only supplying the photos, but any expertise you might need to get the very best out of them.


Travel time is included when calculating half day and day rates in Broward county Florida. The half day rate is used when there is travel but no shooting. For long distance travel, only the day rate is used when there is shooting. The day rate covers up to 10 hours door to door between lodging. There is an additional charge of $125/hr after 10 hours.

Digital Imaging Services

We can provide digital photography services at an hourly rate (minimum 1 hour)

  • 1st hour $350.00
  • Additional time $175.00 per hour or part thereof 
  • Day Rate (8 hours) $1400.00
  • Half day $775.00

Photo Output

We supply images in digital form on compact disc’s (CD’s). We will usually supply high resolution files in TIFF or Photoshop format at a 'print ready' resolution of 300dpi. JPEGs, other format files and other resolutions are no problem.

  • CD writing cost (per CD) $25.00 or $35.00 per DVD
  • CD based 'Web gallery' of all images (incl. CD) $40.00

We have a 'processing' charge that covers preparation of images after capture. This varies with the type of work (and quantity) undertaken, but usually between $30.00 and $250.00. As with all our prices we will quote this in advance.

Additional specialist image manipulation (Photoshop) is by prior arrangement and depends on the type of work undertaken. It is charged on an hourly basis at $175.00 per hour or part thereof.

Prints of images are available to special order.

Photo Licensing Rates

If you wish to be utilize images for use in publications, internet/intranet, or other presentations we can provide you with the licensing that we require to do this. Precise rates vary with the number of images required, and their anticipated usage. Please refer to our Photography Licensing Rates page.

Contact us for a quote.

Why you should use Welsh Media Productions Images

  • The images you want - We can work with however a detailed brief you provide, or help with creative input when needed.
  • Easy to use Images - High technical quality to meet your needs, for web or print.
  • No hidden costs - All our prices are clear and up front.
  • Free technical advice and assistance - All of our Digital Imaging and Color Management consultancy knowledge comes as standard when using Welsh Media Productions Images.

Oh, and you get really good pictures as well!...

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